Use On Page Optimization

On page, optimization is probably one of the most underused of our SEO tips. Do this and get it right, and you’ll see your rankings soar. Whatever keyword you’re trying to rank for you’re going to need to write at least 2 articles between 850-1000 words long. You can either write them yourself or get someone else to do the work for you. You should expect to pay between $10-$20 per 1,000 words.

These two articles will serve as your blog posts. Two will be just fine for these SEO tips, but you can go up to three or more if you wish. The key is to include all the goodies that Google loves within each post, whilst aiming for a keyword density of about 3%. As a major search engine Google’s job is to serve the most relevant document for any given search term, and with these blog posts, we’ll maximize the on page leverage accordingly with the following SEO tips.

As mentioned earlier you’ll need to grab the SEOpressor WordPress plugin for most of these SEO tips to work. I’ve done tons of tests with SEOPressor, and this is how I achieve fantastic on page leverage:

I will play around with each post until I get a score of 100% in SEOPressor. I achieve this by writing or using articles of at least 850 words long. It’s really hard to get a 100% score with SEOPressor for anything less than 850. The best thing about this plugin is that it shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve a 100% on page optimization score making these SEO tips even easier to implement!

Don’t skip this part…every site I’ve achieved a 100% on page optimization score with dominates the search results…I’ve seen people who are using SEOpressor with articles that are way too short and have 60-70% scores. What a complete waste of on page potential!

The next few SEO tips you’ll need to do is set your keyword as the category for each post and make the tags for each of your posts the same as your keyword. Another important one of our SEO tips is to make sure you have your keyword in the title of your posts AND at the beginning. For example SEO Tips – 5 Top SEO Tips For Higher Rankings In Google.

You’ll also need to add and rename any images to match your target keyword.

Next on our list is to go into your WordPress permalinks settings and change your permalink setting to:

/%postname% instead of the default permalink setting that WordPress gives you.

I hope you take everything you’ve learned so far and put it to good use. Good luck with these SEO tips.

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Importance of Content In SEO

Website content is one of the biggest factors in achieving good rankings in search engines. A properly balanced content peppered with targeted keywords is key to obtaining great search engine rankings. Targeting your keywords throughout your content in a highly specific format is one of the elements needed for good optimization. The key here is a properly balanced keyword throughout the content with the proper keyword density. Keyword Density? It is the number of times that your keyword appears in relation to the total word count on your page. There are many great tools available for free that will let you know what your keyword density is. Now the proper amount of density is a debate that is not totally settled. From all the research that I have made into this area, a good density seems to be around 7% -15 %. Less than that and your content may not hold as much relevance in comparison to the keywords being searched on but a higher density than 15% and it may look like keyword spamming which will hurt your search engine rankings as well.

Some of the other factors to consider in creating your content is to use your specific keywords in the title of your article using the <H1> HTML tag around the title. The header tag element lets the search engines know that you are placing emphasis or importance on that portion of text so that is why it is important to use your keywords within that header tag.

Placing your keywords as close to the beginning of your article, such as your first paragraph, also holds importance and weight with the search engines and to your overall optimization strategy. Keeping your content article to around 500 words or less also helps, both with the search engines and the human reader element. Making your article to long will lose your readers interest (unless it is a very compelling article) as people tend to read at least 25% slower from a web page than printed text.

Building out your content to extend the number of pages overall on your website is the final goal that you should be targeting. Getting your keyword rich laser targeted content to 30 pages or more will give you a tremendous boost in your overall rankings.

I have achieved rankings within the top ten results of the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) using these techniques mentioned here in this blog. Try them for yourself and let me know what kind of improvements of success you are achieving.

Overall, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to achieving the search engine ranking results that you would desire. I’ll be posting more articles soon to help you in your pursuit of achieving your search engine optimization goals.

SEO Can Help Your Website

Even the best websites can use some improvement and if your website could use a new look or a better design, making a few small changes could help you find the customers that you need. If you are not seeing the kind of results that you want with your website, it could be because of the lack of content that you are using and the kind of ads that you are placing. Some website owners do not consider that the way their website looks can really have an effect on how well it works for them. There are a lot of things that you should consider if you want your Marketing efforts to be effective.

It is not only the look of your website that matters, but also what you have on your website and how you market it. You may be using ads and links to promote your website, but if the content is not there, you will not be able to get the traffic that you need. Part of the problem can be with the SEO that you are using. When it used correctly and you have a lot of interesting keyword-rich content, your ads and links can be a great way to promote that. If you are not using it correctly and you are trying to use keywords in your ads that are not found on your website, it is not going to help you.

When you are trying to make your website better and help increase the number of customers you have, who are both interested in your products and want to read what you have to offer on your website, it is necessary that you create the content and design that your users want to see. One of the ways that you can achieve this is by using the best SEO keywords in the ads and links that you are posting online and also in the content of your website. Search engines go through your website to find the keywords from the links that you provide to decide upon the relevance of your pages in relation to specific searches. If they are able to easily find what they are looking for, you will be able to get higher search engine rankings and you will start to see more people to come to your website. When you are not seeing the rankings that you need, you should take a look at what you are using in the content. You should be able to see good articles on your pages and those articles and any other content that you use should use SEO keywords.

This can be an easy process. If you are new to designing and Marketing for your website, you can easily learn what you need to know to find more customers and get them to your site. Search engine optimization is not a new concept. The search engines have been using it to provide people with better search listings when they are conducting a search online. Its goal is to be able to find exactly what people are searching for and provide the links to websites that contain the terms that they have searched for. If your website does not have any of the SEO that people are searching for, you are not likely going to see very good rankings. You can remedy this by using the resources that are available online to help create the best list of keywords that can help you create a better website with the information that people want to see and the keywords that search engines can find.

When people are following links or clicking on the ads to go to your website, they want to find what they are looking for. If they go to your website and are able to easily find the products or articles that they want, they are more likely going to become customers and see what else you are offering on the website.

Even if you do not have a big budget for Marketing and you are not able to use some of the Marketing methods that you see other website owners using, it does not mean that you are not able to do well online. It means that you can change a few things on your website to make it more appealing to search engines and customers. One of the best ways that you can start making improvements to your website is adding more informative content and articles that are related to the products that you are offering. If you are getting started with creating the content and articles for your website, you can create a list of the keywords that you feel best describe the products. Then you can use some of the online tools to see how those keywords are ranking. If you find keywords that both are related to your website and that are doing well with the search engines, add more of these to your website. If you need help with the writing of content or on using SEO in the content, you can find a number of online companies who can help you improve.

Don’t Make This Common Mistake

Are you making the same mistakes a huge proportion of businesses are making?

Are you unknowingly leaving piles of cash on the table? Money you could be banking but instead you leave slip through your fingers?
If you are like most businesses you probably are making this same mistake.
The mistake is not making use of upside leverage.
Most businesses will have areas where they could be better return on what they already do.  No more cost, lots more business.

Upside Leverage is a term I first heard used by the master marketer, Jay Abraham.
For example, you may have an advert you run, which, if re-written could pull significantly more enquiries than it does today.  Same advert, same cost, improved return on investment.  That’s upside leverage – making the most of what you already do.

Upside Leverage and SEO Copywriting
Let me give you an example. I am going to relate upside leverage to a website’s copy and its search engine optimisation.
When I started creating websites for people many years ago, I would ask the business owner to provide me with the text for the pages.
They would either just knock up something factual about their business or in some cases would ask me to do it. ‘You know what we do, I am really busy, would you write something for me’.
These days I am of course aware of the importance of good copy-writing and I advise my clients accordingly.
I would estimate more than 95% of businesses websites on the Internet are created will little consideration to the quality of copy.  It is a terrible loss to business owners like you.
You paid for your website to be built, you pay for it to be maintained and hosted.  Maybe you even paid to get it found (SEO).  Why would you not make an effort to have it perform optimally for you?
A Quick Example – Which business, A or B sounds most like yours?

Business A
Business A has a website that has not been optimized for the search engines, hence the search engines are not entirely clear on what the website offers.
As a result, the website is not returned in relevant search results and so a great many people searching for the services Business A offers, never get to see the website.
However, somehow a few customers stumble across Business A’s website, but their questions are not answered, they are not made interested and they surf on to the next site.
On the other hand, there are a precious few, exceptions to the rule. A small proportion of searchers found the website of business A and a small proportion of these decided to contact Business A despite the dreary copy and lack of clear call to action.  As a result, Business A manages to get some inquiries from the Internet.

Business B
Consider Business B. Their website has been well optimized for the search engines, the search engines have a perfect understanding of the topic of the website and in order to give their users/searchers the best experience possible, they are keen to return the Business B’s website high in the results pages.
A huge proportion of targeted prospects ready to buy products and services (they are actively seeking them) now see Business B’s website and click through to their website.
The carefully written website copy draws the visitor’s attention and creates an interest so they keep reading. Their questions are answered; they learn how great Business B is and read a few testimonials from happy clients.
They now have a desire to deal with Business B. There is a clear call to action, and they pick up the phone, or fill in the form and engage with Business B.
Wouldn’t you agree Business B is likely to enjoy a much greater demand for products/services than Business A?  And the result is a big difference in bottom line profit.
If you would like some assistance with your search engine optimization tasks and/or website copywriting, contact me today. I would really like to help you.