Don’t Make This Common Mistake

Are you making the same mistakes a huge proportion of businesses are making?

Are you unknowingly leaving piles of cash on the table? Money you could be banking but instead you leave slip through your fingers?
If you are like most businesses you probably are making this same mistake.
The mistake is not making use of upside leverage.
Most businesses will have areas where they could be better return on what they already do.  No more cost, lots more business.

Upside Leverage is a term I first heard used by the master marketer, Jay Abraham.
For example, you may have an advert you run, which, if re-written could pull significantly more enquiries than it does today.  Same advert, same cost, improved return on investment.  That’s upside leverage – making the most of what you already do.

Upside Leverage and SEO Copywriting
Let me give you an example. I am going to relate upside leverage to a website’s copy and its search engine optimisation.
When I started creating websites for people many years ago, I would ask the business owner to provide me with the text for the pages.
They would either just knock up something factual about their business or in some cases would ask me to do it. ‘You know what we do, I am really busy, would you write something for me’.
These days I am of course aware of the importance of good copy-writing and I advise my clients accordingly.
I would estimate more than 95% of businesses websites on the Internet are created will little consideration to the quality of copy.  It is a terrible loss to business owners like you.
You paid for your website to be built, you pay for it to be maintained and hosted.  Maybe you even paid to get it found (SEO).  Why would you not make an effort to have it perform optimally for you?
A Quick Example – Which business, A or B sounds most like yours?

Business A
Business A has a website that has not been optimized for the search engines, hence the search engines are not entirely clear on what the website offers.
As a result, the website is not returned in relevant search results and so a great many people searching for the services Business A offers, never get to see the website.
However, somehow a few customers stumble across Business A’s website, but their questions are not answered, they are not made interested and they surf on to the next site.
On the other hand, there are a precious few, exceptions to the rule. A small proportion of searchers found the website of business A and a small proportion of these decided to contact Business A despite the dreary copy and lack of clear call to action.  As a result, Business A manages to get some inquiries from the Internet.

Business B
Consider Business B. Their website has been well optimized for the search engines, the search engines have a perfect understanding of the topic of the website and in order to give their users/searchers the best experience possible, they are keen to return the Business B’s website high in the results pages.
A huge proportion of targeted prospects ready to buy products and services (they are actively seeking them) now see Business B’s website and click through to their website.
The carefully written website copy draws the visitor’s attention and creates an interest so they keep reading. Their questions are answered; they learn how great Business B is and read a few testimonials from happy clients.
They now have a desire to deal with Business B. There is a clear call to action, and they pick up the phone, or fill in the form and engage with Business B.
Wouldn’t you agree Business B is likely to enjoy a much greater demand for products/services than Business A?  And the result is a big difference in bottom line profit.
If you would like some assistance with your search engine optimization tasks and/or website copywriting, contact me today. I would really like to help you.